Education Projects

Education Projects

A large proportion of the population of Zambia are children under 18.  HIV/AIDS is still a widespread problem (in Zambia 14% of the population of 12 million is infected with the HIV/AIDS virus). The result is that many children have been left orphaned and are being brought up by extended family members. This puts a huge financial burden on many families – there could be as many as 10 children in one family that have to be fed and clothed.  Many of these families have barely enough money to feed these children let alone send them to school.

Chiawa Education Projects

Education Support programmes are established by donors to support orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) through their primary and secondary education to enhance their future prospects. The finance needed covers the cost of school uniforms, shoes, writing materials and school and exam fees – costs prohibitive for families with limited income.

OVC’s are children without the guidance and protection of their primary caregiver as a result of death or the economical and social state that the family is in. These children are often vulnerable and at higher risk of becoming victims of exploitation and trafficking, with girls particularly at risk of sexual abuse.

The Education Support Programme offers a fund available to enable OVC’s to participate fully in their education alongside their peers. The communities run their own child selection process to ensure the right children are receiving the necessary help and teachers monitor their progress whilst at school.