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HIV/Aids Awareness Campaign

HIV/Aids is still a very real problem in Zambia and one of the major health issues facing the a new generation of children, who themselves are facing a life without one or both parents as a result of this disease. There are a large number of orphans being brought up by extended family members. Poor health care and insufficient awareness about HIV/Aids has meant that the average life expectancy in Zambia is only 32.

This is now being addressed by regular and ongoing education programs in schools around the country focusing on ways to avoid HIV/Aids and encouraging the children/young adults to openly debate the issues ...

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Education Buildings/Equipment

Gotagota basic school, in the Chiawa region, were in desperate need of teachers accommodation to house 2 - 4 teachers to ensure the continuity of education for pupils. The local community came together and made bricks as a starting point for the foundations of the building and The Chiawa Trust have sent funds to help provide finance for piping, roofing and skilled labour. The construction of the building has taken almost a year to complete and will be ready for occupation shortly.

Girsl's Dorm Chiawa Trust


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Education Projects

A large proportion of the population of Zambia are children under 18.  HIV/AIDS is still a widespread problem (in Zambia 14% of the population of 12 million is infected with the HIV/AIDS virus). The result is that many children have been left orphaned and are being brought up by extended family members. This puts a huge financial burden on many families – there could be as many as 10 children in one family that have to be fed and clothed.  Many of these families have barely enough money to feed these children let alone send them to school.


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Income Generation Activities

Income generation activities are a key method of developing and introducing new skills into the local community.  It is anticipated that new skills will enhance the earning capacity of families within the Chiawa region and encourage self sufficiency long term.

Womens Group Chiawa TrustWomens Group 2 Chiawa Trust

The Chiawa Trust is currently supporting a programme of tailoring and design skills for women's groups from...

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The History of Thelstock

Thelstock was born out of a desire to provide a fun evening for our supporters, whilst raising much needed funds for our Chiawa education scholarship programme for orphans and vulnerable children. The evening was an outdoor event with a licenced bar, BBQ, live music from a local band and lots of dancing for those with the energy.  We had some fantastic auction and raffle prizes donated which were snapped up and surpassed our fundraising expectations - what an evening! Thanks to everyone who came and to all our loyal helpers, without whom it would never have been such a success.